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Exactly Erin: Registration Hesitation

by Erin on April 22, 2014

Registering for classes registernow1

Registering used to be such a daunting task to me. Freshman year I didn’t know what to take or what times worked best for me or any of the logistics of registration. I usually went to my advisor and whatever they said I would do. Sometimes this worked out for me and sometimes I would realize that advisors are just that, advisors. You don’t have to do everything they say and it’s best to incorporate your own intensions with what your advisor tells you. It took me four years but now that I’m going into my super-senior year I think I’ve got the whole ‘registration’ thing covered.

AUCC or dive right in? dive in

Some people spend the first two years of college completing their AUCC (All-University Core Curriculum) classes and getting all the lower level preliminary courses out of the way. Others, like  myself, dive on into the classes for our major and mix the AUCC courses in there over time. Like a toss salad of education or a kid that jumps in without the water wings (muaha!). Even today I still have an Arts & Humanities class that I haven’t taken yet (Whoops). Lucky for me I was a science major for the first one and a half years of my college career so I completed enough math and science classes to satisfy the AUCC math and science requirements. This is something many artists have issue with because so many of us don’t have a science background and don’t have access to many science classes. My involvement in the Key Communities freshman and sophomore year exposed me to a few ethnic studies classes which gave me credit for Global and Cultural Awareness. Throughout my years I would take a Communication and Pop Culture class or a general college composition class to fill out other AUCC requirements. I have personally enjoyed mixing my higher level classes with the lower level ones. Having a level 100 class mixed into my schedule helps break up the stress that may come with having a lot of higher level classes. So when you register keep in mind that it may not be such a bad idea to spread out those level 100 and 200 classes over some time.

Get the scoop gossip

Teachers are people too. Talk to your friends or a few upperclassmen about teachers before you sign up for them, especially if the class you are registering for is required for whatever major or minor you are pursuing. I’ve heard some pretty interesting things about some teachers within my department which gives me insight on whether I would work well with them or not. I’ve heard that some are very difficult to work with, some are better at explaining things than others, and some are very nice but very hard graders. Some teachers are brand new while others have been around the block many times. These are good things to know going into a class.

Get out there CSU rec center

It never occurred to me to take Italian or philosophy classes until one day when I thought I would just go for it and see what happens. Turns out these have been some of the best classes I’ve ever taken. College is a place of higher learning. Take advantage of the time you have here and expose yourself to a wide variety of classes. If you write stories or like to dance in your free time don’t think you can’t take classes on these things just because you happen to be a science major. The diversity of interests adds depth to your personality and who knows, if you like taking classes that coincide with your hobbies you may end up minoring or double majoring in those areas. It’s always interesting to run into that random Math and Music double major or that guy who majors in computer science but has also been taking jujitsu classes at the Rec Center since freshman year.

The variety will look good to future employers and it makes you happy to be it. It’s a win win situation!


Thumb up through wall

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Epilogues by Kelly: Studying at the BSB

by Kelly T on April 20, 2014

I’m not a big on-campus study kind of person. I enjoy studying in the comfort of my home (partially because I can wear my fleece pajamas!) most of the time, but there are times when I need to get out of my room to get some work done. Some students study at the library, some study off-campus at coffee-shops or hotel lobbies (the Hilton, I’m looking at you!). I prefer to study at the Behavioral Sciences Building, located on the south-east side of campus. photo

BSB is the one for me

The BSB is a modern building, recently built and renovated, and has lots of great study spaces and amenities. It also has a little coffee-shop, Sweet Temptations, which is the sister shop of the LSC coffee house Sweet Sinsations. They have good coffee and tea, if you’re ever on-campus and need some caffeine or something warm to hold on a cold day! The building has 10 private study rooms, which students can reserve up to a week in advance here. The rooms, like the one pictured in the photo, have either 4 or 8 seats, a whiteboard, a TV that you can plug a computer into, and big tables so you can spread out. Not to mention, they’re quiet and you can work on group projects without disturbing others!

When to study on campus

There are times when I’m perfectly productive at home, spending hours studying and completing assignments without trouble. But there are other times when I tend to get distracted easily or procrastinate because the task at hand seems to daunting or stressful. The times when I am easily distracted are the best times for me to pack up my backpack and head to campus to find a quiet study spot. I also like to do group studying or group projects on campus, because it’s hard to invite a bunch of strangers over when your roommates are trying to study upstairs! Studying on campus is a good way to get a lot of things done when you need to. I would definitely recommend reserving the study rooms in the BSB when you need a place to do some homework—I always get a lot done when I go there!

RamTour: On-Campus Mountain View

Today on our RamTour video, we’re stopping and looking west on CSU’s campus to check out the beautiful view of the mountains from the campus. This video is looking towards the IM fields and the CSU Rec Center.

View of the Rocky Mountains from CSU’s campus
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Exactly Erin: CSU Fauna!

by Erin on April 19, 2014

With spring comes animals!

I learned a few things during my days as a wildlife bio major. Two terms I’ll not soon forget are “flora” and “fauna”. These are just fancy words for “plant-life” and “animal-life”. Colorado sports some interesting fauna, for sure. It’s part of the reason why I came out here from the east coast. I wanted wild open places and animal life! Don't get me wrong D.C. has A LOT of greenery and more animal activity than you would think if you’ve never been there but I wanted more. Back home the most impressive form of wildlife we have are the deer. And we have many many many many deer. I guess since there are no predators in the city the deer are free to run around in all the parks and green areas we have. Aside from them I can say from experience that we have raccoons, opossums, Cardinals, Blue Jays, the typical animals like squirrels and pigeons and even turkeys! They are rare but I’ve seen them around. The first time I saw some was when I took my dog for a walk in the woods and out of nowhere she came bursting out of the trees chasing a group of them. It was such a weird spectacle I ended up rolling on the grass laughing!

Animals on campus

Vulpes fox  vulpes

Now that I think about it I’m surprised by some of the animals I’ve seen around campus. The most surprising were the campus foxes! I’d never seen a fox so close until I came to CSU where they literally just roam campus at night. If you ever find yourself bored in a warm spring/summer night and you’re near campus try taking a walk and see if you run into any of them. My suggestion would be to look around the Intramural Fields when all the people are done playing sports and it’s dark and peaceful.

Sciuridaered squirrel!

Squirrels! The most quirky characters to roam the CSU campus. These guys are a hoot. I warn you now, almost all the CSU squirrels are fat and bold in character. I once saw a squirrel try to carry an EastGraySquirrelold piece of pizza. It was so big compared to him that he couldn’t do it and he resorted to eating as much of it as possible to “lighten the load”. The squirrels here love all the food we leave for them and they are master dumpster divers. If you take the time to try and interact with one, be prepared, because unlike most squirrels the CSU ones will probably come up to you. If you have food I have no doubt you can  get one to walk up to you and take it out of your hand. The other day I made the mistake of kneeling down so I could interact with one. It walked right up to me until it was about 2 feet away. I thought it was cute until I looked over and there were 4 more of them moving in to take whatever food I may or may not have had. It went from cute to creepy pretty quick. Hahaha it was really funny in hindsight though. I immediately stood up and started backingwhite squirrel away when I realized that I was quickly being out numbered.

black squirrelSide Note: I still can’t get over how the squirrels in Colorado are orange! When I first came here and saw them I thought they were some other type of rodent animal. The ones in the eastern part of the United State are either grey, black, or white. So when I came west and saw orange squirrels I thought they were some other animal haha it’s funny to think about. 

TamiasTamias chipmunk

One reason you may see foxes on campus is because we also have chipmunks! I saw one scurrying about today while I was walking to class but unfortunately the little bugger was too fast for me to get a picture. Their presence isn’t as pronounced as the campus squirrels but they are out if you take a minute to look around.


Prairie dogs! They aren’t exactly on campus but there are EVERYWHERE else. They scurry about and dig their little holes all over the place. And when they see you coming they bark at each other and dive into their little homes. I think it’s funny how skittish they are.

Buteobuteo hawk hawk

The hawks. I actually didn’t think we had too many birds of prey in or around campus until recently. I always thought they lived out a ways, like in Horsetooth Reservoir, but nope! About a month ago I was coming in to work when I came across a girl who was looking up into a tree pretty intently. I had no idea what was wrong with the girl until I decided to look up too. At first I noticed a  pretty big bird situated very awkwardly in the tree’s branches. I thought maybe the bird had crash landed and that it needed help but then I looked closer and realized something was struggling in its claws. Surprise. Surprise. It was one of the fat campus squirrels. The hawk was indeed fine, better than fine because it just caught a pretty hefty snack. It just goes to show you, if you go to CSU don’t be a fat squirrel.

Cam-icus Ram-icus

So if you haven’t noticed by now I’ve been using the scientific, latin, names as the heading for the animals I’m going to talk about. I thought it was really funny that “sciuridae” is the scientific name for squirrels because it also kind of  looks like “scurry”. The most infamous animal you will find on the CSU campus is none of that Cam the Ram! He’s a really mild mannered little guy and I love whenever we have campus wide events that call for Cam to be present. Of all the animals that walk to paths of CSU Cam the Ram is definitely the coolest!

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Life on Marz: Brain Dump

by MarissaI on April 16, 2014

I either have way too much on my mind or way too little. Either way, I’ve sat here for a good 30 minutes stretching my creative muscles to produce yet another witty blog post, but I’m failing. I can’t decide if end-of-the-semester craziness is inhibiting my ability to come up with ideas, or if I’m just simply not in a creative mindset today. Brace yourself…word vomit is coming.

Warner College

As you may or may not know, I work in a communication’s office at the Warner College of Natural Resources. This semester has been the most productive we’ve had! It’s been great, but it also means I’ve dedicated a permanent space in brain for “Warner Only” thoughts. I can’t tell you how often my mind goes to promotion techniques for our John Fielder event (you should come btw, it’s free), titles for our Dean Joyce Berry tribute story (which I wrote!!!), poster ideas for upcoming events and picture ideas for our Instagram. We also rolled out a campus wide photo contest this month and have gotten an incredible response. We received over 150 entries from CSU students, faculty, staff and alumni!! Which is all great, but now we have to upload the Facebook album and add captions. Plus we have to choose winners—how am I suppose to decide on my favorites when all of them are beautiful. In addition to first, second and third place, we’re also doing a Community Choice Award. Which ever photo has the most likes will win. I encourage you to check out the album and “like” your favorites.


I had a “oh that’s why my card got declined” moment about 10 minutes ago. Thank god I get paid on Friday.

Classes (You know, the reason you’re actually in college)

I feel so behind in my Comparative Government and Politics class. Yes, I missed two days, but I didn’t think two days in an entire semester would kill me… I’ve got another paper for that class due next Thursday, and I feel lost. Maybe I’ll just stay up till 2 a.m. the night before and somehow pull off an “A". Just kidding. I don’t recommend that.

I’m getting my Digital Promotion Management test back tomorrow, and I’m not excited. I don’t feel like in the long run I’ll end up with a bad grade in that class, but I really don’t wanna see that test. I didn’t feel good about it. I’ve also dived head first into my client project for this class. Basically we find a client and roll out an entire communication’s plan for them. I’m doing my Mom’s watercolor business. It’s actually really engaging, fun and exciting (if you’re a PR nerd like me).

History… can this just be over! To all you history buffs out there: Thank you for existing because I couldn’t do what you do. I’m just not a fan.

More Work

GameStop’s newest “business goals” and hour cutting is pissing me off. me and my best friendCorporate. STAHP.


Love them to death, but man are they distracting. Although, my best friend is coming down this weekend which I’m suuuuuuuper excited for because I haven’t seen her since Winter Break. It’s just not the most ideal time. Whoops. We’re running the Taking Strides to Save Lives 5K this weekend.



Do you ever have a recipe that you really really really really really wanna make, but you just can’t find time? Yeah, that’s me. All the time.


As I’m mentioned in my Twitter (and possibly on this blog… I don’t remember), my horse is lame. Permanently lame if I don’t give him shots monthly. He can live comfortably without them, but he won’t be rideable. The whole situation is rough for me. It costs money that I don’t have, and it’s keeping me from one of the things I love most in this world. AKA stressful. But this is a rant for a different blog. We’re already getting too long.

Sterling napping


Thanks for listening to me ramble Smile

Marz <3


P.S. This is the recipe I’ve been wanting to try.

asian lemon chicken tenders

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Epilogues by Kelly: Pittsburgh Travels

by Kelly T on April 16, 2014

Hey, all! Last weekend, my parents and I boarded a plane to Pittsburgh, PA to check out the city and see my new home. I had a great time, and I’m so glad I was able to see the area before I move there next month! It sparked my excitement and made me a lot more comfortable with the idea of living somewhere completely new.

The trip

My parents and I were only in Pittsburgh for 3 days, but we managed to cram in lots of stuff in that short amount of time! I checked out the OT building and the Pitt campus, met my new roommates and visited the house I’ll be living in, and did a little bit of sightseeing in between all of that. I’m really excited to live in a city environment this year! It is a completely different experience than CSU—the campus isn’t in the downtown Pittsburgh area, but it’s an urban campus with dive-y restaurants, shops, and coffee shops nestled in between campus buildings. It’s really beautiful, and I think it’ll be a welcome change of pace for me.

Some photos

Here are some of the pictures I took last weekend—it was a really great trip and I can’t wait to move out there next month.



Point State Park, a big park where the 3 rivers surrounding Pittsburgh meet


The Duquesne (pronouced Du-Cane) Incline and the view of the city from the top


My Dad and I in front of the University of Pittsburgh mascot—a panther!

And now I’m back

The stress of missing 3 days of school was pretty hard for me, but I know I’ll be able to catch up this weekend. It was so worth it to be able to see the place I’ll spend the next two years of my life. Only 29 days until graduation!