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Epilogues By Kelly: The Plaza - Part One

by Kelly T on October 21, 2011

Witticism O’ The Day: Why is Monday so far from Friday, but Friday is so close to Monday?

Oh, the plaza; it’s the most difficult place to park your bike on campus, the center of all student life, and Beware of the Clark B Attackers!the overall place to be—some seriously cool stuff goes on there on a daily basis! There are all sorts of events and vendors that come to the plaza, and on occasion you can see musical performances or impromptu speeches on “The Stump.” My favorite thing about the plaza is the constant buzz of Rams passing through, and the fairs and events that go on there. Also, the plaza is a great place to meet some very interesting people (and a couple of really annoying people).

The “Attackers”

One of the less-fun parts of the plaza are the people I lovingly call “The Attackers.” These are the people that wear their normal-student disguises and pop out from behind bushes, asking you a plethora of questions that you get roped into, because you’re a good person that doesn’t like to be rude to anyone…

Okay, so they don’t wear “normal-student disguises,” (whatever that means) or pop out from behind bushes, but The Attackers do like to try and talk to you. Perhaps a more fitting name would be the Future Salesmen, because they really aren’t all that bad—they just want you to join some organization or take part in a protest…or join a church…and if you’re like me somehow you always get pounced on by the Future Salesmen/Attackers, which can be an awkward situation to get out of without seeming rude. So I’ve compiled some tips to avoiding such situations in a polite and passive way:

1) Watch out for people lurking under Clark B with flyers. If they’re just handing out a piece of paper, fine, but some of those people are looking to give you a 10 minute address and to land your email address to commit you to your involvement.

2) Travel in large packs. You are much less likely to get stopped if you seem as though you have a group of people around you.

a. Stay towards the back of the crowd—the Future Salesmen tend to ask the first people they see walking by, so you’ll squeeze by to safety as they stop the people in front of you.

3) Don’t be afraid to say “no, sorry.” Be polite, but know that you don’t have to talk to anybody that tries to stop you. If you feel like you need an excuse, just tell them that you’re late for class.

Stay warm in the suddenly fall weather, and tune in Wednesday for my next post: The Plaza Part Two!