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Scripting Shelby: That Free Speech Zone

by Shelby on September 16, 2011

Today’s Song: “Johnny Got a Boom Boom” by Imelda May

The first amendment. The one we all know and love. But sometimes, it can be a downright pain when you’re trying to get to class. The Plaza is a Free Speech Zone, meaning anyone can get up on their own little pedestal and say whatever they want. Which is great, don’t get me wrong. But it can also get very, very annoying.TomShort-1

Case and point

Tom Short. He’s a preacher (I think, or maybe just a crazy guy, I don’t really know), and one who likes to spread hate. Lovely. I’m all for believing what you want to believe, I may have different views, but I don’t think we’re anything but equals.

See, for him it isn’t about beliefs, God, religion, Jesus or whatever. It is taking those beliefs and turning them into narrow-minded hatred. He comes to CSU every year, drawing crowds of a few followers but mostly people telling their friends next to them “dude, this guy is nuttier than squirrel poo (if you get this allusion, you get a gold star).”

There are a lot of students, no matter the religious background or lack thereof, that combat his views. Though he does this in slightly more adult ways, I still get the image in my head of him sticking his fingers in his ears yelling “lalalalalala!”

There is no problem with differing views or voicing them,

It is the problem of spewing hatred and then blaming it on a book. Personally, if he came up to me and had an intelligent conversation with me, I’d gladly talk back. But I really don’t like being yelled at. By yelling hatred at anyone and everyone, he is only creating more.

There is a group on Facebook at the moment to ignore him. And I’m all for it. Because while I love free speech, I also love that you are free to ignore the buttheads of the world.

Until Monday guys.