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Haus of Hunter: Student Profile of Lauren Delgesso

by Hunter on April 30, 2014

“You amaze me.” – Lady Gaga, “Monster”

It’s Delgesso

Not Del-GAH-sso. Not DelFiggio (I kid you not, there was actually a substitute teacher who read it like that when taking attendance). It’s Delgesso. It’s pronounced how it’s spelled.


Lauren is a pre-med student here at CSU, majoring in biology and minoring in Spanish. She’s a sister of Delta Delta Delta and a rabid Avalanche fan (Landy, to be more specific).

We went to the same high school and became all but joined at the hip while we were in the trenches together in IB (thank goodness, or else I would have failed out of bio). She took me to my first college party. She took me to my first ever concert (Breathe Carolina and Cobra Starship, the day before my nineteenth birthday, out on the IM fields). I rendezvoused with her immediately during Ram Welcome, and we rode all of the rides, we entered all of the contests, and she won a drawing as we waited in one of the abysmally long lines for one of the endlessly fun activities at the LSC.

Two Tattoos

Lauren suffers from the auto-immune celiac disease, and her mother, as well as our saintly lit teacher senior year – both named Diana - are survivors of breast cancer. She also embarked on a school-sponsored trip to Costa Rica the summer after graduation. Not only is she studying her passions (pre-med and Spanish), she also has a pair of tattoos honoring each set of these life-changing events.

A Love Letter to Lauren

Oh, Lauren, you’re the reason I’m now a veteran of IB, rather than a victim of it. You’re the reason I survived senior year at all. We practically lived in the library, when we weren’t blasting Fallout Boy and Panic! At The Disco in your car. We were good students, when we weren’t making history jokes or playing the Wikipedia game because the bio sub didn’t know what she was doing. Your parties are always the most fun – karaoke, jam sessions, and dancing in the basement, even though I did make the wrong turn leaving your house in Columbine and went as far as Lockheed Martin before I could turn back around again (those were my pre-GPS days). I can still remember going to Noodles and Company after finishing an IB exam, the day before graduation, and making a pact to never go to high school again the day after tomorrow.

Even after graduation and grad parties, I loved my Summer 2012 because of you. You took me to my first club. It was a blast, seeing Wayne’s World at Red Rocks, listening to your stories from working at Wendy’s and going to Costa Rica. You are such an adventurous, hardworking, quotable, lovable human being, and I still awkwardly have your senior picture in my wallet. I love you!

Thank you for reading. Pura vida.

Paws up, and go Rams.

Pray! Meditate! Get your spiritual needs taken care of at the non-denominational Danforth Chapel, located on the Oval!
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Exactly Erin: Let’s be green

by Erin on April 5, 2014

Green is the new black

In this day and age ‘going  green’ is the way to live. People are recycling more in my generation than any of the generations before and hopefully the generations behind us will be more eco-friendly.


Recently, in preparation for going on my alternative spring break trip to Taos, NM to learn all about earthships and sustainable living, I was given a tour of the theatre here on campus that’s connected to the Lory Student Center. Did you know that the theatre is LEED Gold certified? That’s pretty high up there on the “eco-friendly” scale. The hierarchy for LEED certification is based on how many points your building gets for all its environmentally friendly attributes. For example your building gets points LEED Specsdepending on how efficient its water management operations are. The point system works like this:

LEED Platinum (requires 80 and up)

LEED Gold (requires 60-79)

LEED Silver (requires 50-59)

LEED Certified (requires 40-49 points)

For those who aren’t familiar with what LEED is it stands for “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design”. It’s a fancy way of saying “We write the standard for how environmentally friendly buildings are”. Having a LEED building is a badge of honor for any major establishment such as a school or a company and it’s far more energy efficient and cost effective in the long run considering how long buildings last. The less impact your structure makes on the environment the higher its LEED rating gets. You get graded out of 100 points and you need 80+ to be considered Platinum LEED greencertified. Once you’ve reached the higher levels of LEED certifications your building can actually go from taking energy from the energy grid we all use, to putting energy back into the system. 

Any building can get LEED certified with a few qualifications and there are many elements you must consider if you want to make your building LEED Silver, Gold, or Platinum.


Platinum is the highest LEED certification you can get and from my experience with LEED Platinum buildings it’s a pretty extensive and fantastic thing to achieve with your architecture. Back in D.C. where Sidwell Middle school LEEDI grew up I went to a private school called Sidwell Friends School. They completely redid the middle school building and made it LEED Platinum. Some of us high schoolers were given a tour after it was completed and I was blown away by some of the things they implemented to make the building Platinum worthy. One of the adaptations they made was that there was a lake that acted almost as a moat around one side of the building, with a wide bridge that connected the middle school to the pathway leading up to it. If you stood on the bridge and looked out over the lake you would notice that the water that fed into the lake flowed down a set of terraced smaller lakes (kind of like steps). I didn’t know what I was looking at until after the tour but that lake was actually apart of the water management system of the building. As the water flowed through plants and algae it got purified and then was fed back into the building to be cleaned some more by machines and reused as a non-potable water source.


The Lory Student Center here on campus is getting renovated so it isn’t a completely new building. Because we are giving a make over to an older building it would cost too much to BSB LEEDmake the new LSC a LEED Platinum or Gold certified building. If only I was a millionaire I’d spare a few million to get it fixed up Platinum-style but CSU is going to have to wait a few more years for that. If I remember correctly the director of the LSC said that it would be one step below the theatre with a rating of LEED Silver. I’m just happy that the LSC can get completely redone into a LEED building! Just like its buddy the Behavioral Science Building which has a LEED Gold rating. Hopefully one day all the building on campus can be LEED certified somehow!

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X’perience: Such a Drag

by Xavier on April 18, 2013

At work last week, my co-worker/one of my new best friends Ashley randomly asked me if I wanted to go to the drag show, which occurred this past Saturday. First thought: I hadn’t gone to one of the CSU Drag Shows since Freshman year, and it could be potentially fun to go. Second thought: I could always use some good material for my blog. With those two thoughts, I agreed to accompany my friend to the event.

Dolla, Dolla Bills!

Over the years the CSU Drag Show, organized by the GLBT Resource Center, has significantly grown in popularity and has developed in its display. This was quite evident when Ashley and I arrived at the LSC before the show started. The line extended outside of the LSC Theatre, past the Curfman Gallery, and out of the doors, going toward to the Plaza.

The set-up in the theatre was absolutely amazing; beautiful lights, nicely costumed individuals, and a packed house. We were so excited when the show finally began. The MCs for the event were hilarious

and their teamwork made for a smooth and organized event flow.

The performances were equally impressive. The energy and force that exuded from the entertainers was practically palpable. As the audience, it was our responsibility to give dollar bills (or greater) to the performers. This was to motivate and encourage the incredible performers, as well as to help contribute to the cause in which the event was working to support (in this case AIDs research and treatment).


See for Yourself

I will say that some of the performances were not completely appropriate for me to film. However, the performance right before the intermission seemed perfect to share with, so you can check it out in this video clip.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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X’perience: A Tribe Called RED

by Xavier on March 14, 2013

So I know that I told you that I would have a student profile video for you to watch today, but I would like to think that I have something just as awesome, if not better, to share with you.

After my workout last night, I decided to attend this concert that Campus Activities was putting on in the Lory Student Center Theater. The group that performed was A Tribe Called RED, a Canadian and Native American musical group that create an original blend between dubstep, hip-hop, and cultural Native American beats and rhythms.

I had done marketing for this event through my job in Colab, and after having the initial marketing meeting with the programmers who organized this event, I knew that it was something that I wanted to attend.

Everything I ever wanted

From the video

that I have to share with you all, I hope it is clear why I loved A Tribe Called RED’s performance last night. The way they mix their music is amazing; I enjoyed the variety in their songs, as well as how well they made all of the different elements work together.

They also had this awesome screen with cool video clips projected on it. The group managed to make some clips line up perfectly with the words or beats from the music. A Tribe Called RED’s presentation was perfection and their creativity was heaven.

The attendants at the concert were definitely feelin’ it. As I was looking around at people, I saw so many of them gettin’ down to the beat and dancing around in the crowd. It was a good time for sure.

Outta Here

Well folks, this is my last blog before Spring Break, so we will have to manage without each other for a whole week. I will be looking forward to sitting around my house, doing absolutely nothing until break is over.

Can’t wait. Take care and I’ll catch you all on the flip!

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Epilogues by Kelly: India Nite

by Kelly T on October 18, 2012

Last Sunday evening the Lory Student Center hosted a one-of-a-kind celebration of culture, dance, singing, and of course, food; I hit the Indian Student Association’s annual “India Nite.” India Nite Flyer

When I arrived at India Nite, the ballroom was dark and a group was      performing a dance number on the stage. I grabbed some (free!) food and settled in at one of the only empty chairs in the room to take it all in. The food was miraculous—two delicious samosas (Vegetarian, of course! I love that Indian food is mostly vegetarian.) with a spicy and savory filling. I was in heaven.

The performances were a little bit cheesy, but I absolutely loved them. After the dancers exited the stage, a musical group performed several numbers—it seemed almost like Indian karaoke, except they had great voices and they had choreographed some dances into their music.

Culture is Important

In this little bubble of Colorado, sometimes it can be hard to experience other cultures. But a huge portion of the Fort Collins community—mostly families, to my surprise—came out to dip their toes in the Indian culture, which was a blast Yummy Samosato experience Sunday night.

I think it’s really important to get involved in the community and attend some of the events at CSU—some of them are cheesy, but a lot of them are really cool and can open your eyes to a new perspective. I love that CSU has such a close relationship with the Fort Collins community; it has a very homey and down-to-earth feel, and it’s nice that the community supports CSU. And CSU gives back to the community; next week, I’ll tell you all about CANS Around the Oval and CANvassing!

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