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Haus of Hunter: Stalwart Ram Team

by Hunter on November 11, 2013

“It’s some kind of joke, I’m obsessively opposed to the typical.” – Lady Gaga, “The Fame”

Like Many of You, I Learned What “Stalwart” Means from the “CSU Fight Song”

Unlike many of you, I am not very much of a sports fan. In this competitive culture of ours, where such interests are expected especially from the male population, I do not rise to meet them. Yes, sports are fun to play (well… it depends on whether you’re playing with fun people or with people who think an Olympic gold medal is at stake), and it’s always a good time to go out to downtown Denver to see the Rockies play at Coors Field or the Broncos at Mile High, but half the fun lies in the going out, not in the event itself, for me at least. Unless someone reminds me, I don’t stop, sit, and watch a game, and I’m more outraged over The Exorcist losing Best Picture forty years ago than I am at any given team losing any given event, and I know I’m not the only one.

Still, go to as many Rams games as you can, whoever you are, whatever your interest is.

Men’s Basketball at Moby Arena, Saturday, October 25

I went by myself to the Regis game, meeting up with a group after Fall Clean-Up, with my face sunburned, my hands dirty, and my muscles aching. I have gone to many a football, basketball, and volleyball game, but always with friends, and with my social circle scattered across the off-campus landscape, many of us working or else overwhelmed by school, I have gone less this year. As I waited for my rendesvous to find me, I found myself with nothing else to do but watch the game, and it’s something I should do more often, regardless of if anyone can go with me or not.image

There are few opportunities to feel close to an academic populace of twenty thousand, particularly at a university where each of us is pursuing different majors in separate colleges, but athletic ocassions are among those opportunities to bring us together in a place where every one of us belongs. Suddenly, school comes to mean something more than homework, studying, and exams. It becomes a community, and all of you are cheering together for a common sense of pride. Any preexisting notions of isolation, alienation, insecurity, and inferiority are buried alive under a uniformity of green and gold, and your heaviest responsibility is to support the players by screaming as loud and jumping as high as you can.

Whether they win or lose is irrelevant. The biggest loser at something like a basketball game is the one who acts the least like a loser. Have fun like no one is watching, because all eyes are on the court anyway.

Thank you for reading.

Paws up, and GO RAMS!


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Epilogues by Kelly: Rams Basketball

by Kelly T on January 30, 2012

Witticism O' the Day: The sleeping shrimp gets taken by the current (Puerto Rican proverb).

This weekend, I went to my first basketball game at CSU. I realize this is a little sad, considering I happen to love basketball and it's my second

The Rams take on the San Diego Aztecs at Moby Arena!

year here, but somehow I just never made it to a game in the past. But this weekend I talked some friends into heading to Moby Arena for some classic "Moby Mania" and an exciting game of basketball. We never expected just how exciting the game actually was.


The game of a lifetime

The Men's Basketball team took to the courts with great velocity and determination this Saturday against the San Diego Aztecs. It was a big game, and there'd been hype about it in the Collegian all week: everyone said that this match-up of teams was the most exciting game last season. 

I don't think the Rams were ever losing, except for maybe 5 minutes at the beginning of the game. San Diego kept the pressure on our boys with full-court pressure after every turnover, but the Rams kept their cool and continued to make great plays and risky passes that somehow worked out. The band was lively, the cheerleaders full of pep, and the crowd chanted words of encouragement for the team. After the game was over, CSU students even stormed the court after the Rams won 77-60 (I wanted to get this on video for you guys, but my college-student instincts took over and I too had to join the stampede of white on the court).

Anyway, the moral to this story is sweet and simple: get yourself involved! I had never been to a CSU basketball game, but when I took a chance on our Rams it was the highlight of my weekend. Check out the video of this thrilling game, and tune in Wednesday for another post!

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The Daily Dose of Danny: March was Made for CSU

by Danny on March 1, 2011

It’s said March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, but if you ask me, the animal that best represents March is the Ram.

There’s a lot to be excited about as winter comes to an end and the semester reaches its half-way point. I’ve personally had a bad case of cabin fever recently. Luckily, CSU lives up to its name of “The Green University.”

Green WeatherStudents getting sun on the west lawn

Mother Nature is giving us temperatures in the 60s this first week of March in an attempt to apologize for the sub-zero temperatures in January. I don’t know if I’m ready to forgive her for that, but this is a step in the right direction. Although the March snow storm is almost inevitable in Fort Collins, it always melts quickly and provides much-needed water.

Students sported wrinkled shorts from months in the closet to catch some sun on the west lawn of the Lory Student Center this afternoon. The lawn isn’t quite green yet, but if I remember anything about photosynthesis from when I took plant biology, it will be green by the end of the month.

Green Campus

March is a time to show off our Aggie heritage here at CSU, and we sure show it on our campus. Our landscaping team does an awesome job every year to make sure the grass is green, the trees are watered and the flowers are planted.

By the time April rolls around, campus looks so nice that it no longer matters when I can’t find a close parking spot, because the walk is just that fun.

Green Pride

Stock up on green apparel, because you’re going to be wearing a lot of green this month. Our men and women’s basketball teams are both looking to finish strong as their seasons come to an end, and they’re still looking for our support. Men’s basketball has lost a couple tough games recently, but with our support and good play in the Mountain West Conference Tournament is Las Vegas, the NCAA tournament is not out of reach. Catch the game tomorrow night at  Moby Arena as the Rams take on Utah for the last home game of the season.

March also brings Saint Patrick’s Day – The day when the entire city of Fort Collins dons its CSU gear. If you’ve never been to Old Town Fort Collins on March 17, you need to check it out!

… And Spring Break around the Corner

Spring Break is one more thing March has to offer, but I’ll cover that next week, so stay tuned.