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Scripting Shelby: Strange Sightings on a College Campus

by Shelby on March 2, 2011

Today’s song: "Why Can’t I Be Like You" by The Cure

After living and going to class on campus, you may start to notice some well, weird stuff. The plaza is a free speech zone, so basically anyone can say anything he or she wants. It is also the place you will see college students running around with balled up socks and fancy Nerf guns for Humans vs. Zombies games, some random guy holding up a sign that says, “I cheated and I felt bad,” or even Spiderman on occasion. Truth is, this campus can be a little special sometimes, but it’s usually a good time.

What got me thinking about my past experiences with these strange occurrences anyway? Well the other day, my sister sent me a picture of the plaza, early in the morning when I’m usually just in bed (thankful I have no 8 a.m. classes). Now, I’ll admit the picture is not the best quality, so let me explain. In Fort Collins every year, we get an influx of geese heading south. Well, they hang here. Apparently it’s warmGoose on Campus enough here compared to Canada if they migrated, (does anyone know where they went when it was -14 degrees?). And the point is, they poo. A lot. Everywhere. And it is a popular subject for student discussion whether on Facebook or in the Collegian’s RamTalk. Anyway, on the stump there is a man dressed as a goose and the sign held by another says, “I poop too.” I wasn’t there but I can guess then congrats to him; he has read Everybody Poops.

This campus has some silly times mixed in with the hardship of making it to your 8 a.m. classes, or the dread of those classes you’re running late for. But the point is, these people are giving everybody a chuckle as they hurriedly sip their coffee on their way to class. I assume it is fun to dress up like a goose and make someone’s day or run through Moby dressed like Spiderman. So what will you do? Will you be the spectator laughing on the sidelines, or will you be the next Spiderman or goose?

It’s college, and it’s up to you.

Until next time.

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Scripting Shelby: 5 Tips for Making Your Way Through Campus

by Shelby on February 23, 2011

Today’s Song: Kiss with a Fist by Florence and the Machine

1. The Freeway:

Always think of campus as a freeway. Always stay to your right and merge with caution.

2. What to Avoid:

Girls in Packs. You know the type. The ones who refuse to walk alone and the ones who have to all walk next to each other so they create a disrupting line causing more accidents than driving in the wrong lane. What are the casualties? Bikes getting run off their paths. Getting shoved off into the mud. Stepping in an enormous pile of goose poo. Not fun. Better to just avoid the girl pack. If unavoidable, walk towards them with confidence and do not make any attempt to get out of the way. They're like bears, more afraid of you than you are of them.

Couples. Those smoochers and hand holders can clothes-line you in less time than it takes to blink.

People with cell phones. The same with driving, they're never paying attention to where they're going.

Clipboard people. Probably the most important to avoid if you're late to work or class, even if it is your favorite cause. Better to go around behind them, or merge into a group. They like to hang out in the plaza and next to Clark B. If someone asks, "Can I ask you a question?" Say not at the moment, but thanks, and move away.

3. Headphones:

Earbuds. Earphones. Whatever you care to call them, use them. Even if your iPod isn't even charged, they will keep the clipboard people at bay. Pretend conversations on your phone works too.

4. Eddy:Eddy Building

And other buildings with annoyingly small hallways. Even if you're a science major, you're bound to have a class at some point in Eddy. If you can, go early. If not, find unusual entryways and stairs because the main ones get clogged, easily. If you open the door for someone at the entrance to the stairs, you will may bestuck there awhile, and possibly late for class. Best way around this issue is to open the door for someone, and then slip through, passing the job on to the next person.

5. Crosswalks, Bikes, and Longboards/Skateboards:

Always listen for that "click click" of those skateboards on sidewalks, and make sure you gesture wildly when they're close (just kidding). If walking, look both ways before crossing a bike path. And at crosswalks, especially the four-way crossing of Plum and Meridian, sometimes you just have to go for it.

Until next time.

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Taking the plaza - Part I

by MyCSU on September 9, 2009

Taking the plaza - Part I

Hundreds of campus organizations set up booths on Lory Student Center Plaza on September 8 for the 2009 Involvement Expo. The event, hosted by SLiCE, featured groups from all facets of campus life. A walk through the plaza that day presented students with a flood of color and activity ranging from swing dancing to music performed by local bands.

As groups worked hard to draw in new members and become even stronger forces for change and learning, they all advertised a difference message. Despite this, one theme saturated the event as heavily as the hot September sun: being involved is part of a being a Ram.

MyCSU wants to you to be involved! Check out this video to see CSU’s tradition of involvement in action. You may even find that something you’ve been looking for.