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Life on Marz: The Parable of Wet Moccasins

by MarissaI on February 6, 2014

Once Upon A Time…Fort Collins weather: -11 degrees

In a land far, far away, there lived a student who decided to wear moccasins to class. Normally moccasins wouldn’t be a problem. Except on this particular day, it was -11 degrees when she got to campus, there was slush on the ground and it had recently snowed. Unfortunately for this student she didn’t think the snow would be a problem because they plow right? Wrong. She also didn’t account for the fact that cars would melt the snow on the roads causing gross, brown slush. After the hassle of wearing snow boots and changing into dress shoes and then needing to carry her boots around all day the day before, she decided moccasins would be an easier plan. It wasn’t. It was a lose-lose situation for everyone involved. Her feet were cold from the slushy wet moccasins and incredibly sore from the tall black pumps.

In her defense…

Slushy, brown roadThis particular day was the career fair. She needed to look nice, and she didn’t feel like big bulky snow boots over dress pants really screamed “highly professional.” After wrapping her slushy, gross moccasins in paper towels and stuffing them into her purse, the student shoved her feet into her pumps and proceeded to smile and talk to potential employers for the next couple hours. Upon leaving the career fair, she was faced with a decision. Walk through the slush and ice filled parking lot with sore feet in heels or walk through the slush and ice filled parking lot with wet feet in moccasins. The sore feet won and she threw on her already damp moccasins.

The moral of this story is…

I want winter to be over. It is welcome to continue snowing in the mountains so I can go skiing on my days off, but down here it needs to stop. It’s ridiculously cold, my car is unhappy and I’m tired of planning my outfits around my snow boots. Oh and did I mention it was in the 60s like two weeks ago.

But on a positive note, we need the moisture. Come summer I will be thankful for the snowfall and inevitably be wishing for winter to come back cuz it will then be too HOT!

Have a great rest of your week Rams!

Marz <3

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Exactly Erin: Let it snow!

by Erin on February 4, 2014

Talk about a white winter

It has been snowing snowing snowing here recently. What’s even bigger news is that I don’t mind it at all! Strange, right? I think I’ve even enjoyed the snow. It just changes up the landscape in a way that is refreshing. Frankly, the change in the environment breaks up the monotony for me. Snow suddenly opens up the landscape for sledding and snowball fighting and kicking chunks of ice like a soccer ball for no reason. It’s been a while since I’ve experienced a white winter. Earlier last year, on the first of May, we got one huge blizzard’s worth of snow after a relatively dry winter. I was particularly unhappy with snow back then because it was May and I was ready for shorts and butterflies. But this winter is more along the lines of a traditional winter in mysnow on the oval opinion and I’ve missed the normalcy that the snow brings. Skiers are up in the mountains living the good life, hot cocoa is abound, scarves and boots are all the rage and it’s just warm enough on most days for people to not freeze over while they make their snowmen and trek across campus to their classes. 

Log cabin anyone?

I’ve always wanted to spend some time in the Colorado mountains during winter. Maybe after I graduate and attain the status of “economically independent adult” I’ll come back during winter and spend some time in a nice cabin up in the snowy mountains with a friend or two. Maybe we could do all those fun winter tourist things I haven’t done in Colorado yet. You know I haven’t been skiing in Colorado yet? Everyone back home always asks me how many times I’ve been skiing since I came out here. Haha I’ll go skiing as much as you want if you guys front the bill. Haha just kidding, I jest…but not really.

Anyway! Everyone always talks about running away to warmer climates when it gets cold but sometimes being surrounded by the snow and crisp cold air is a good change. Especially if you packed a good pair of long johns to wear under your clothes while you’re out!

Weber Building

I told you I’d get you a video of the Weber Building and here it is! I had some errands to run this past Saturday and while I was walking across campus I thought I’d take a moment to snag a video of Weber and all the snowy goodness that’s been gracing CSU. Enjoy! 

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Scripting Shelby: Chilly Flashback

by Shelby on December 6, 2013

Today's Song: “Hazy Shade of Winter” by Simon and Garfunkle

I don't know about you, but I distinctly remember a certain day about 4 years ago now when Arctic Temperatures were expected, and frostbite was certain. Yesterday reminded me a bit of those days. Except I had to leave at 6:40am to start my car (and luckily it did) and I didn't have to walk from the dorms, I had to walk farther than that.

Lots of Facebook Posts

There have been lots of Facebook posts about the cold and how schools of all levels should simply be canceled. But here's the history of my snow and/or cold days growing up: 3 snow days (excluding and absolutely zero cold days. If it was zero or below, we just didn't have recess outside.

However, I did not enjoy walking to class later today, and definitely could have used a day spent in my bed with the heater blasted and hot cocoa.

I've come to expect it

Most of the time in Colorado, you won't be getting a snow day or a cold day, but you might get heat days (Poudre School District closed earlier in August due to heat and kids overheating), and apparently flood days.

So basically, if you are ever expecting Tony Frank to cancel school because of subzero temperatures or snow, do your homework just in case.

Until next time, dear readers.

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Exactly Erin: Guys It’s Cold…

by Erin on October 17, 2013

Oh come on Erin toughen up

I’m not saying that the cold weather is a bad thing, as a matter of fact this is the first time in a long time that I’ve wanted a cold, snowy winter. It would be nice to have some sense of normalcy in the weather patterns this winter. The past few winters have been surprisingly dry and warm (at least by Colorado standards) which has caused the summers to be even more dry and warm which leads to fires.

You’re not normally a fan of winter?

No, normally I’m not. I like shorts and summer nights and bonfires on the beach. When I’m home I even get to chase the fireflies around and I always enjoy watching the D.C. 4th of July Fireworks. It’s all good fun. But something is different this time around.

I like the snow

I’ve always liked snow but when you take the ‘winter formula’ into consideration I end up not being such a fan of the cold months. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the winter formula let me break it down here:

(love of snow) / (dislike of cold) + 2x(having to wear itchy layers under clothes) x (fighting over optimal thermostat temp. with mom) + (having to go to school and work in snow slush) x 5(black ice)= I’m not a huge fan of winter

You can add +2 brownie points for cute winter wear but that’s about it.

What’s different this year?

I’ve been so anti-winter these past few years that now summer is starting to get old for me. I look forward to summer so much then I end up dying in the heat and hating how bright and hot the sun can be. I might as well enjoy the nice things about winter while they’re here. I am looking forward to snow mostly. I’m ready for things to be covered in white snow flake-y goodness. There’s magic in the air when things are covered in snow and it feels right when I get to walk through it and play in it. I like how it conceals and changes everything and I really missed that feeling.


I’ve got a flashback for you that I just remembered! It was years ago at some point during my high school career. I was still in D.C. and I remember the snow that winter was heavy. One winter we literally got around eight feet of snow. It was spread out over a week but by the time it was over and all of it had been plowed to the edges of the streets the walls of remaining snow were taller than a man. This flashback pertains to a winter leading up to that one though.

It was so snowy out and I don’t think I had school that day. Around the corner from my house there was this open recreational grassy/wooded that used to be a golf course. my beloved I used to love walking my dog (who I miss dearly) over there because at dusk and dawn the deer would come out of hiding and we’d chase them. The day I’m talking about in particular was so snowy I doubt we could have spotted those deer if we tried. It was a different world. My crème colored dog was light enough that if got more than ten feet away from me I had to squint to see her in the snowfall. I took her out to the old golf course to explore and we stayed out there for what could have been hours. From the open fields we wondered into the trees content to stay out there for as long as our curiosity demanded. My dog loved it. We wandered the hilly woods jumping over frozen streams and climbing up tiny mountains as if the whole of the woods was made for us. It was awesome. I didn’t mind the cold or the wet that day and ever since I’ve wanted to feel that way again. My dog and I went to magic land on that random winter day years ago. I wouldn’t mind going back there.


So everyone pull out your fluffy coats, thick winter socks, and bust out the hot chocolate! Winter be a-comin’.

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Scripting Shelby: Winter’s Revenge Part III

by Shelby on May 3, 2013

Today’s Song: “Classy Girls” by The Lumineers

You may have heard, Colorado’s spring is more resembling February. Which isn’t all that unusual, but it is rare that the Front Range sees snow on what day? May 1st. It’s been awhile since there was a May Day snow that upset the natural routines of the state.

May 2001

May 2001 was so long ago, it feels weird to type the date. I was a little nine-year-old on May 1st through May 3rd, when it snowed a total of about four feet. If you know how short I am now as a fully grown 20-year-old, imagine how short I was at nine. The walls going from our front door to the driveway were taller than I was. Which was awesome.

Those snow days, I did what any kid would do; play in the snow until my extremities were numb. As my parents cleared off the roof for fear it would cave in (the swimming pool’s roof in Salida had already succumbed to the weight and gravity). So when there was a giant pile of snow at the base of the50185 house, I again did what any kid would do; jump off the roof into the piles of snow.

May 2013

This year I wasn’t so happy with the snow falling. In fact, I was downright mad that I had a snow day (CSU wasn’t cancelled but Poudre School District was). Most people were complaining that they didn’t get a snow day at CSU but I would have gladly traded. Why? I was supposed to teach.

This was supposed to be my first time in front of middle schoolers for the whole lesson, all on my own. I was excited in that absolutely panicked way, but I would have given anything to go and teach like I had intended. See, not only does my grade kind of depend on it, but I also want the experience. But, as Colorado goes, you can never expect the weather to do what you want. Which is both thrilling and a giant pain.

Until next time, as we start to wrap up the semester.