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Scripting Shelby: Family

by Shelby on November 19, 2013

Today's Song: “The Wind” by Cat Stevens

Before I start this blog, can I just say, as a musician, no one makes me feel better than Cat Stevens. On that note, though sometimes the cause, family makes my life better. I'm not from a big family. My immediate had four people and dwindled a bit to three in a household. I've never had the big, Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I couldn't imagine being any closer to my family. Any closer and it might get a bit creepy.181974_10150089620647779_1308075_n

Rough semester

This has been the hardest semester of my college career. It's not just the classes, or the personal life issues. It's all in one. Class is hard. My social life is hard. My life with technology is really, really hard (I broke my phone again this weekend. Count it: two in one semester, three in a year total).

I haven't really kept in touch with people this year. Lots of my friends have become annoyed with how often I turn down going out (I'm an old person okay! I'm twenty-one and I go to bed at/before 10:00pm!), and I don't call my parents nearly as much as I used to. But that's okay. They've seen my Facebook statuses (I still want to say stati), and they know when to leave me be. And they hopefully still love me.

Keep them close33508_419504832778_6955364_n

It's no secret that some people and their parents have relationships that are best described as tenuous. But find those people who are your family, no matter the blood relation, and keep them close. Keep them close because you will find a time in your life when life really, really, blows big time and you need a helping hand to get through it.

And find a musician to play during the hard times. Music is awesome.

Until next time, my stressed and frazzled readers. It will be break soon.

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Scripting Shelby: Technology Woes

by Shelby on October 17, 2013

Today’s Song: “Brendan’s Death Song” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

In this day and age, technology is everywhere. We know that. Everywhere you look, you will see at least one person on their smart phone, calling or Tweeting or Snapchatting anyone around the world. Pretty amazing. Until your technology goes to crap.

This is apparently the theme of my life

Right now, things of the mechanical nature are pretty much laughing at me while they break to pieces around me. First, there was the phone. Then the smoke coming from under the hood of my car (always a great sign), and now, the dreaded computer crash.

Lucky for me, right during the time when everything stops being metaphorical grades to become assignments due in a week, my computer stopped working. So I took it into the library. See, the library has this nice little office hidden behind the help desk that takes your computer and diagnoses and fixes it. Oh the resources I wish I never had to use.csu morgan library- 1

I am number three? Four?

When I first got my computer (and let’s face it, now I will absolutely refuse to buy another Dell ever again), less than a month later I had to replace the hardrive. Weird right? Less than a month after that, it crashed again, this time while I was visiting my mom in North Carolina. Super weird. After freaking out, I called Dell and got it replaced again. Now, the details are fuzzy—this was three and a half years ago and I was a bit preoccupied panicking about coming here to college—but it was either then or a time after that, that I had to once more replace the hardrive, and then the motherboard.

The weirdness was too much to handle, had I gotten a possessed computer that really hated me? No, just a loose screw. That’s right, a literal loose screw (for the fan which strangely had all of its screws in place), had been bouncing around for the two months I had owned the computer, destroying all the intricate works within at a whim.

Now, I’m to shell out about $200. Why? To replace the hardrive of course! Rebuild the operating system, and rescue my data. Luckily my data has been saved—I found out about an hour ago—and the library loaned me a computer so I wasn’t absolutely at a loss, though it is a Mac (ew, no thank you).

Open request to the universe:

Please, please stop messing with me. I’ve got too much to handle already.

Until next time.

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Scripting Shelby: Digital Schmigital

by Shelby on February 9, 2012

Today’s Song: “Know Me” by Frankie Rose

We live in this digital age of computers, iPods, smart phones, and internet on all; we’re all kind of sort of dependent on these pieces of technology. And when they break down or just hate you, well, what would you be if you were attached to another object by an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis? (Yes that is a Big Bang Theory Quote).

Maybe it’s a good thing

Or maybe not, on how dependent we are on the technology that runs our lives and when it’s gone we don’t know what to do. So what does this have to do with you, a soon-to-be college student, parent, or college student, who can’t afford the next best thing? Simple. You can’t go through life ignoring the technology, I certainly can’t (I get paid to use it). studio-15-red

So what do you do? When the paper you were writing suddenly disappears, or you can no longer access a program required for work? Well first, yell and scream and try not to do permanent damage to your computer, person, or apartment. Then take a deep breath, grab your comfort food and figure out another way. And hopefully, unlike me, you follow the words of my ever-wise father when he says to “back everything up. Here’s a flash drive.”

You’re on your own

When it comes to technology you rely on, when it goes out you can either kick and scream or explain things and hope that your boss/parent/professor/etc. is sympathetic to your plight. And then sit down and do it again. Did your computer lose your blog or just simply won’t let you post it? Will your cell phone not connect to a tower that causes you to miss an important call? Did your iPod get stuck on what seems to be the millionth update since January?

We’ve all been there. And the best thing you can do is get the anger out of your system with a few choice words and then move on. Do your paper/blog all over again; at least you know what you’re doing this go around. Write a very stern letter to the board of directors of the cell company (trust me, it works, I did it with Dell), or just chuck the iPod and put everything on your smart phone.

Stay tech-savvy, dear readers, until next time.

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X’perience: Taking Things to the Next Level

by Xavier on January 30, 2012

Oh good ole’ cell phones. Over the years, we have seen them evolve from big, bulky chunks of technology, to slim and sharp masters of communication and media. All I can say is, where would we be without them?

Within the past couple of months, my phone had been acting like a complete piece of junk. It would turn off randomly, the touch screen wouldn’t respond, and the battery was absolutely shot. Can phones really only last for a couple of years before they decide to throw in the towel? Whack! But that’s no longer important, cause what I’m rollin with now is hot fire.

What in the World Was I Waiting For?

Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to the LG Spectrum. This beautiful piece of phone is pretty wow. Despite costing an arm and a couple of fingers, this phone was quite easily the best i크기변환_VS920_Front_LRnvestment I’ve made in while. It has an amazing camera, a fun and friendly interface, and some very interesting features. Between the Verizon salesman (which by the way had to have been trained in kissing butt) and the LG rep that just happened to be there, I couldn’t deny this phone. Besides, it makes me stand out from the overwhelming population of iPhone owners. I likes to change it up.

The whole point of me sharing this news with you all is that this upgrade I have made will help me take my position as a MyCSU blogger and social media specialist to the next level. I’m talking more photos, more status updates; you’ll pretty much be seeing the world through my eyes a little better than you are already, or at least that’s the hope. So hold me to it friends. A smartphone has been long overdue.

Happy Monday everyone!