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Life on Marz: Brain Dump

by MarissaI on April 16, 2014

I either have way too much on my mind or way too little. Either way, I’ve sat here for a good 30 minutes stretching my creative muscles to produce yet another witty blog post, but I’m failing. I can’t decide if end-of-the-semester craziness is inhibiting my ability to come up with ideas, or if I’m just simply not in a creative mindset today. Brace yourself…word vomit is coming.

Warner College

As you may or may not know, I work in a communication’s office at the Warner College of Natural Resources. This semester has been the most productive we’ve had! It’s been great, but it also means I’ve dedicated a permanent space in brain for “Warner Only” thoughts. I can’t tell you how often my mind goes to promotion techniques for our John Fielder event (you should come btw, it’s free), titles for our Dean Joyce Berry tribute story (which I wrote!!!), poster ideas for upcoming events and picture ideas for our Instagram. We also rolled out a campus wide photo contest this month and have gotten an incredible response. We received over 150 entries from CSU students, faculty, staff and alumni!! Which is all great, but now we have to upload the Facebook album and add captions. Plus we have to choose winners—how am I suppose to decide on my favorites when all of them are beautiful. In addition to first, second and third place, we’re also doing a Community Choice Award. Which ever photo has the most likes will win. I encourage you to check out the album and “like” your favorites.


I had a “oh that’s why my card got declined” moment about 10 minutes ago. Thank god I get paid on Friday.

Classes (You know, the reason you’re actually in college)

I feel so behind in my Comparative Government and Politics class. Yes, I missed two days, but I didn’t think two days in an entire semester would kill me… I’ve got another paper for that class due next Thursday, and I feel lost. Maybe I’ll just stay up till 2 a.m. the night before and somehow pull off an “A". Just kidding. I don’t recommend that.

I’m getting my Digital Promotion Management test back tomorrow, and I’m not excited. I don’t feel like in the long run I’ll end up with a bad grade in that class, but I really don’t wanna see that test. I didn’t feel good about it. I’ve also dived head first into my client project for this class. Basically we find a client and roll out an entire communication’s plan for them. I’m doing my Mom’s watercolor business. It’s actually really engaging, fun and exciting (if you’re a PR nerd like me).

History… can this just be over! To all you history buffs out there: Thank you for existing because I couldn’t do what you do. I’m just not a fan.

More Work

GameStop’s newest “business goals” and hour cutting is pissing me off. me and my best friendCorporate. STAHP.


Love them to death, but man are they distracting. Although, my best friend is coming down this weekend which I’m suuuuuuuper excited for because I haven’t seen her since Winter Break. It’s just not the most ideal time. Whoops. We’re running the Taking Strides to Save Lives 5K this weekend.



Do you ever have a recipe that you really really really really really wanna make, but you just can’t find time? Yeah, that’s me. All the time.


As I’m mentioned in my Twitter (and possibly on this blog… I don’t remember), my horse is lame. Permanently lame if I don’t give him shots monthly. He can live comfortably without them, but he won’t be rideable. The whole situation is rough for me. It costs money that I don’t have, and it’s keeping me from one of the things I love most in this world. AKA stressful. But this is a rant for a different blog. We’re already getting too long.

Sterling napping


Thanks for listening to me ramble Smile

Marz <3


P.S. This is the recipe I’ve been wanting to try.

asian lemon chicken tenders

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Life on Marz: I Need More Dino Nuggets

by MarissaI on February 26, 2014

Gosh, there’s just so much stuff on my mind today it’s hard to focus on a single blog post topic.

Too much to do

It’s that time of the semester again. The time where you begin cramming, eating comfort food and falling asleep on your textbooks. I had a history test today (which I totally killed BTW). I have a digital promotion test on Thursday and a political science test both Tuesday and Thursday of next week. The Colorado State University Scholarship Application is due on Saturday, I have a College Avenue deadline on Friday, and a lobbyist profile to due next Monday. I was just assigned a paper on why there is anti-Western rhetoric in Iran that’s due in a couple weeks, but knowing me I’ll start stressing about it tomorrow. And that’s just the school related stuff that’s bigger than everyday study guides and reading which includes a ton of Legislative Politics reading I need to catch up on— which is totally my fault.

In addition, my roommates and I need to find a place to live next year and change our internet provider by mid-March. I’m going to a networking dinner tomorrow night, and as a girl, I’m stressing out about my outfit. I also need to get myself and my horse back into riding shape in a month because we have a clinic with a top Dressage judge and rider March 22nd. Unfortunately my fellow boarder emailed me this morning and said my horse looks like he’s favoring one of his front hooves. Sometimes I wonder why I work four jobs on top of all this. Oh yeah, horses and college aren’t cheap.   Bag of student loan dept on top of studentHorses aren't cheap saying: "Surgeon General's Warning; horses are expensive, addictive, and may lead to periods of extreme euphoria."

That was a mouthful.

A 253 word mouthful to be exact.

Don’t Fear!

As an incoming freshman, what you just read may sound like a Grade-A college nightmare. It’s really not that bad. Every now and again you get weeks that just consume your entire life and things get a little crazy. You’ll rely on microwavable food, 4 hours of sleep, and the comfort of sweat pants and a beanie. As I’ve stated in previous blogs, staying busy can be fun, rewarding, and work to preserve your sanity. After your couple weeks of, for lack of a better word hell, life will go back to its normal chaotic rhythm and chances are you’ll feel accomplished. When I manage to fight through a particularly stressful couple of weeks, I feel accomplished, stronger and I’m reminded that I CAN do hard things. Just like my Mommy always said :) i-can-do-hard-things


Have a great week!

Marz <3

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Transfer Tales by Tyler: Pressure

by Tyler on February 19, 2014

It's beginning to feel real now

The semester officially feels real this week. There are few places to park close to the library at night, I have three tests scheduled within the next 6 days, and I am getting a little stressed, yet again.

I will gladly trade schedules with any of you....buried-in-books

So currently aside from a Organic Chemistry test tomorrow, genetics Friday, and Biochemistry Monday, I have lab write-ups to do, quizzes to take and study guides to finish, the MCAT to continue to study for, I'm on the schedule to play at Timberline every other weekend for the next couple months, including this weekend, and I start my SECOND job tomorrow. I will be working for Trimble Positioning Services doing GPS/GNSS corrections over the phone   And on the computer for customers and working with the satellites. Sounds pretty cool to me. 

It's amazing how quickly time is going with this incredibly busy schedule. Yesterday somebody reminded me spring break is a month and that means the semester will be half over... Wow. This last weekend was the first time I was able to go home since the semester has started and I was only there less than 24 hours because I had the practice MCAT this past Saturday morning and I had to be back for a study group. It was kind of worth it because I improved my score 8 points and I've barely begun to study!

I know many of you are just as busy as I am this week so I want to wish you all good luck!

Go Rams!

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Transfer Tales by Tyler: Mom is Always Right, and So Are the Professors

by Tyler on October 21, 2013

This blog post will unfortunately look pretty similar to other posts I’ve made about about school/midterms but it offers some pretty great advice bestowed upon me by my professors!

School is hard :(

Sounds like a pretty familiar statement that I’ve made, huh? Well, it is, and it is cocollege-students-deficient-in-basic-research-skills-10111001mpletely true. As you all know, I’m taking some pretty rough upper level classes and they well, um, suck. After some pretty discouraging news from the first round of midterms and some not so great news from the second round of midterms, I did the only reasonable thing any college student would do. I called my mom. She came up and surprised me this past weekend and took me out for lunch but she also recommended that I go and speak to the professors directly one on one about what to do. Not too bad of an idea actually.

This wasn’t near as hard as I thought, actually.

So I scheduled an appointment to meet with each of my professors today to discuss my progress and it wasn’t bad at all and surprisingly took some weight off my shoulders. I discussed how I have been preparing with exams and my studying habits and the resources that I am currently using such as TILT and the recitations and meeting with study groups. And their advice to me was all relatively similar, I needed to change my test taking habits and how I prepare for exams and this minor change would be the difference between struggling to get by and doing well.

All tests aren’t the same anymore?

Coming from a small high school and a junior college where I just had to review notes two nights before the test to get an A, I didn’t realize how much more challenging and detail oriented the tests were going to be here. Well, they are. As told by Dr. Walrond, “It’s not about the answers anymore, it’s about the question.” He is correct, and so were the rest of my professors. I need to change how I take my tests and what I do to prepare. They each recommended their top department paid tutors to ‘recalibrate’ my habits.

They told me if I can make this one minor change, it would make a huge difference in my scores. This advice gave me a big boost of confidence and inspired me to work even harder, knowing that there is still time left to succeed.

Fortunately, they all happen to drop low test grades too!

Until tomorrow, Rams. Study hard!

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Epilogues by Kelly: Test Anxiety

by Kelly T on February 20, 2012

Witticism O’ the Day: The tongue touches the tooth that aches (Puerto Rican proverb).

I’m assuming we all know the feeling of test anxiety: increased heart rate, shaky hands, that oozing melted cheese feeling in your stomach. And it certainly does not feel good, nor does it help anyone get through a hard test successfully. If anything, it actually makes you do worse on any test because when you’re nervous, you don’t take your time and end up making stupid mistakes that can make or break your grade. For myself, I always start to get a little anxious before chemistry tests.

Good ol’ chemistry testsTest Anxiety

There are a few things that cause me to get anxious before a chem test. First, all chemistry tests at CSU take place in the night time—which is kind of cruel, considering that it both elongates the already lengthy school day and it’s the time of night that some people would rather be curled up in their fleece pajamas watching the Nuggets on TV ahem. Not me, of course, but some people! And chemistry is one of the subjects I struggle with the most, so it’s a little nerve-racking going in to a test in which you aren’t 100% confident in your abilities. But as nervous as chem tests make me, I’ve come up with a few ways to calm myself back down and really focus and since I love giving tips, I’ll share my anxiety reducing techniques with all of you!

1) Study ahead of time. While you can meditate all you want before a test, the only thing to actually prepare you is to study—and if you’ve studied hard, you will be more confident in your abilities and therefore less anxious.

2) Bring your iPod. Prepare a playlist ahead of time that have the songs that get you in the mood to take a test, and then tune out for a little while once you get to the test room. Personally I prefer to listen to some light but uppity songs that are both calming and wake me up. Just make sure to safely stow your iPod before the test so you don’t get accused of cheating and fail the class!

3) Practice relaxation techniques. This can be whatever you need to do for yourself—I like to take some deep breaths and tell myself how awesome at chemistry I am, but some people like meditation or visualization instead.

4) Follow superstitious (and almost OCD) rituals. I always try to precisely imitate my study routine when I take a test, e.g: if I was eating when I was studying, I eat just before I take the test. I monitor what position I’m sitting in when I study, my caffeine intake during that day, and even my mood—and then I try and imitate everything spot on. Okay, maybe it’s a little OCD and superstitious, but it boosts my confidence and increases my likelihood of success. It doesn’t work for everyone.

5) Write yourself a secret note that you “find” right before the test. Write something that makes you laugh, calms you down, and boosts your confidence.

Good luck keeping that melted cheese feeling in your stomach at bay, and study hard!