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Epilogues by Kelly: Rams Basketball

by Kelly T on January 30, 2012

Witticism O' the Day: The sleeping shrimp gets taken by the current (Puerto Rican proverb).

This weekend, I went to my first basketball game at CSU. I realize this is a little sad, considering I happen to love basketball and it's my second

The Rams take on the San Diego Aztecs at Moby Arena!

year here, but somehow I just never made it to a game in the past. But this weekend I talked some friends into heading to Moby Arena for some classic "Moby Mania" and an exciting game of basketball. We never expected just how exciting the game actually was.


The game of a lifetime

The Men's Basketball team took to the courts with great velocity and determination this Saturday against the San Diego Aztecs. It was a big game, and there'd been hype about it in the Collegian all week: everyone said that this match-up of teams was the most exciting game last season. 

I don't think the Rams were ever losing, except for maybe 5 minutes at the beginning of the game. San Diego kept the pressure on our boys with full-court pressure after every turnover, but the Rams kept their cool and continued to make great plays and risky passes that somehow worked out. The band was lively, the cheerleaders full of pep, and the crowd chanted words of encouragement for the team. After the game was over, CSU students even stormed the court after the Rams won 77-60 (I wanted to get this on video for you guys, but my college-student instincts took over and I too had to join the stampede of white on the court).

Anyway, the moral to this story is sweet and simple: get yourself involved! I had never been to a CSU basketball game, but when I took a chance on our Rams it was the highlight of my weekend. Check out the video of this thrilling game, and tune in Wednesday for another post!