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Epilogues by Kelly: Fashion Findings

by Kelly T on February 5, 2013

One exciting/totally awesome/adventure-is-out-there thing about CSU is that you keep stumbling upon new things! At least, that’s been my experience. Maybe I’m just oblivious or something…but it’s always fun seeing something new. Especially since I’ve been at CSU for ages!

Okay, not really ages. But three years! I’m a junior…#waitwhat?! Still in disbelief. Anyway

This week I headed to the Gifford Computer lab to print some notes for class (as a student in the College of Health and Human Sciences, I can print 500 pages a semester for free!) on the third floor of the Gifford building. Being the directionally-challenged person that I am, I got turned around and came in from a different direction. And I accidentally stumbled upon a gold mine of fashion: the Gustafson Gallery. The Gustafson Gallery

Passion for Fashion

The students in Design and Merchandising certainly have a passion for fashion—the Gustafson Gallery was incredible! It is a newly renovated room set up to display student work. Right now, the Gallery features fabulous pieces from one of Fashion Group Internationals’ previous fashion shows: Eco-Couture, Recycled Fashion. The show featured fashion designs created from recycled materials, from old newspapers to CDs to coffee filters to plastic silverware. If you have any interest in fashion at all, I would highly recommending stopping by the next time you’re in the Gifford building—the student designers clearly worked extremely hard, and it’s nice to see all of that effort come together into something so amazing. The Gustafson Gallery is located in 318 Gifford—on the third floor, just past the computer lab. The Gustafson Gallery

The Designs

Some of my favorite designs included an evening gown made of plastic spoons that looked like seashells and coffee filters that formed a sea of ruffles on the bottom of the dress. There was also a dress made entirely from King Soopers plastic shopping bags—so impressive! In short, I was amazed by the finished designs. I have a great respect (and love!) of fashion, so seeing what CSU students are doing in the Design and Merchandising major was really fun for me. I will probably go back a few more times and look at the same designs, just to get the full impact of them. But that’s me. The Gustafson Galleryphoto (16)







                                                               A Side Note…

Sorry the pictures I took aren’t super great—the lighting was really great in there for looking at fashion designs, not so great for taking photos.

Question of the Day:

Do you follow fashion trends?  

I am in love with fashion! I follow some trends, but I definitely have a “style” and a lot of trends don’t fit into that. But it’s really fun trying new things and incorporating pieces into your wardrobe. I’m obsessed with Vogue and Harpers Bazaar magazines, and I have to admit that I usually watch a few (okay, a lot of) fashion shows during Fashion Week. What about you? Tweet me your answers @MyCSU_Kelly with #fashionista. I’d love to hear from you!