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Epilogues by Kelly: Walk the Dog

by Kelly T on February 1, 2013

You guys know how much I love animals, right? Today I want to tell you about something I’m doing this semester at CSU: Pets Forever. Pets Forever is a 1 credit, service-learning opportunity run through the university; it is a program whose mission is to help disabled or elderly members of the Fort Collins and Loveland community care for their pets.

What Pets Forever does:

Pets Forever provides many services to the community, including dog walking, cleaning litter boxes, grooming, vet visits, nail trimmings, providing pet food, and much more. You can check out the website for more information about the program, as well as how to get involved.

Dog Treats What I’ll be doing:

A few hours a week (at least 4), I’ll be visiting a few clients and their dogs to help them with dog walking (and poop scooping, less fun). And even though it’s a big time commitment on top of everything else going on in my life this semester, I can’t wait! As with most volunteer or service-learning opportunities, you get so much more than you give. I can’t wait to meet my clients and build a bond with them, and I’m especially excited to meet their furry companions! The hardest part about leaving home for college was definitely leaving my pets—when you’re used to having the friendship of your pets at home it’s REALLY hard to be without them for long periods of time. Being able to have some weekly animal interaction is something I’m really looking forwards to.

Through the semester, I will also attend the weekly meeting with other Pets Forever volunteers. There are various guest speakers planned for the semester to teach us of the numerous resources the clientele have in Fort Collins. I’m really excited to learn about that aspect of the program as well, because as a future OT I will be working with a population that shares many of the same needs as the Pets Forever clients.

I’ll keep you posted

I will start visiting clients and walking dogs next week, and I’ll give you guys some updates throughout the semester on how it’s going. So stay tuned for that—I’m sure I’ll have some good stories for you!

Question of the Day:

What kind of pet(s) do you have, or want to have someday?

As you probably know, I have a German Shepard/Lab/Mutt, and a barn cat (she was born on a farm) back home. I definitely want to get a dog as soon as I can financially afford it (and live in a place that allows dogs), and it’ll be a big or medium sized dog. As cute as little dogs are, I like bigger dogs. What about you? Tweet me your answers @MyCSU_Kelly.