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Scripting Shelby: Let’s Be Neighborly

by Shelby on July 9, 2013

Today’s Song: “Friend of the Devil” by The Grateful Dead

As kids, my sister and I made friends with the neighborhood kids. My parents always seemed to know our neighbors as well, helping each other out in various ways. There were also the neighbors we avoided (creepers lived across the street at one point and they were not friendly towards kids, animals, or anything that wasn’t meth).

Ignoring them

In the dorms, my roommate and I had friends on another floor, and hung out there rather than with our neighbors on our own floor. Not that we didn’t like them—we just kind of ignored them. That seems to have become my policy with neighbors, ignore them and go on with my business. It’s not that I’m wanting to be rude or anything, I just honestly am shy most of the time.

I met my neighbors a couple of times at my apartment at Prospect Plaza but didn’t get much beyond the courteous hello in the hallways.

I’m such an adult

This year, though it didn’t happen before a couple months ago, I made friends with my next-door neighbors. It happened quite accidently (even more so now that I know the real story). My neighbor Ramone coincidentally had a class with one of my roommates and ended up hanging out with her afterwards at our place. We hung out a couple other times Normal stuff right?1369614869035

Well eventually I came home one day and Ramone chased me down to ask me to come to Horsetooth with him and his roommate Jeremiah. I was a bit confused as we hadn’t hung out without my roommate but I said yes anyway. Later did I find out that he thought I was my roommate (it is fair to share in Ramone’s behalf that both my roommate and I are short, petite, dark-haired girls. Quite understandable that he got us confused).

Now, since most of my friends have gone to their various homes for the summer, I started hanging out with my neighbors quite a lot. We’ve cooked meals, obsessed over Game of Thrones, and gone on various hiking adventures. And I can easily say that I am sorry for not ever making friends with neighbors before. Because this is awesome.

Until next time, dear readers. And I wish our very own Kelly of Epilogues by Kelly a very happy birthday, and encourage you all to do the same!