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Scripting Shelby: To Ink or Not to Ink; that is the Question

by Shelby on November 17, 2011

Today’s Song: “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” by The Offspring

In this day and age, our generation has found a new art, that can make older generations cringe. Well, technically not new but not just reserved for criminals and sailors anymore. The fine art of tattooing. I admit, with pride, that I have one and am currently planning another. But the thing is, this wasn’t just some act of rebellion, some people decorate the walls, I decorate my skin. So how do you know if a tattoo is right for you?

Well, for one, think of your future

If you’re a girl, and you know you want kids, do not tattoo your stomach. Do you really think a butterfly tramp stamp is something you’ll never regret? Does that butterfly mean the world for you? And when you go for the career, do you think they’ll want the person with the tattoo on their face? Probably not. 32076_395709681289_630756289_4646413_5523230_n

I planned my first tattoo for about a year, changing my mind, reworking it, making it so it was perfect. I wanted it. And I thought of my future. On my shoulder, it is very easy to cover. Not to mention, as a teacher I most likely will not be wearing backless clothing.

Does it mean anything to you?

Or is it just a pretty picture? What means the world to you? I do not suggest getting anyone’s name unless of course you can never get rid of them, like family. Just a bad idea. People change but tattoos don’t. My tattoo has an extremely personal connotation to me, no matter what it is, as will my next and however many I end up with.

Okay so you want to get a tattoo but you’re worried about being labeled a no-good-hippy-delinquent. That’s the beauty of our generation. We’re changing that ideal. Eventually, maybe, one day, we’ll be in charge. Tattoos now are as common as ear piercings. They aren’t as taboo anymore (and yes, I love calling a tattoo a taboo).

In the end it’s up to you, just please don’t be stupid about it.

Until, sadly, after Thanksgiving break where I will eat and sleep for just about all of it. Enjoy your nummies.