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X’perience: The Power of Self

by Xavier on February 17, 2012

I’m not sure if you enjoy it as much as I do, but I love to share with you all what I’m learning in HDFS. It never ceases to amaze me just how many things that you learn that can be directly applied to life.

In my Adolescent and Early Adult Development course yesterday, we learned about self and identity formation through adolescent development. Very interesting. There are many things that make us who we are, and there are many different situations that call upon us to behave in a certain manner.

Since college is usually a time for people to better learn who they are and develop who they will/want to be, I figured I’d share some words of wisdom to put on your radar before you reach the collegiate level.

We Are Who We Are

Self-esteem is significant when it comes to how we view and feel about ourselves. Lower self-esteem has been linked with a greater likelihood of depression, which I hope we all know by now IMG_0227can be debilitating and draining on us both physically and emotionally. So I say, take pride and confidence in who you are. I know that some people struggle with how to do this, but it can actually be a bit easier than you think. Identify your strengths (which I’m sure there are many) and surround yourself with supportive individuals. This is especially important in college if you ask me, because in order to be successful, you need to own your experience and have belief that you will thrive.

Identity is major. Once we know who we are we can get a better idea as to where we’re going. As a freshman, I had to do a lot of figuring out. Was I still the same person from high school? Do I share the same identity with my friends since that’s who I’m hanging out with? Does being part of CSU give me a different image to grow into; it was all pretty overwhelming. Which is why I say, make your own choice as to what you’re identity is or will be. Friends, family, and other social groups may indicate to you who they think you should be and what they think you should do. That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with getting some input from others. However, the decision of who you are is ultimately up to you. So stick to who you feel, think, and believe you are. Identity is usually most fulfilling that way.

True to Yourself

Like all of the inspirational quotes, movies, and songs encourage, Be Yourself. In our society, we can get lost in all that the world is throwing at us, but I tell you friends, don’t lose yourself. We are each unique individuals with something specific to offer. To fully take advantage of our potential and what we are capable of, we gotta remain true to who we are.

Hope that wasn’t all too preachy or what not and I hope some of you, if not all, were able to find purpose in my sharing. Have a super good weekend everyone!!!